Failure to abide by the rules will, if multiple warnings must be made, result in a kick, and possibly eventually a ban.

If you have been warned multiple times, and kicked afterward, you are free to return only after an hour has gone by. Returning immediately will be seen as you not respecting your punishment, and you will be kicked again.

Symbol GuideEdit

This guide is purely for ease of understanding, and to prevent OOC-style mixups.

  • (( This is OOC ))
  • [This is someone speaking another language]
  • (This is someone whispering, muttering, or otherwise speaking quietly)
  • ([This is someone whispering, muttering, or otherwise speaking quietly in another language])

Terminology GuideEdit

Word or Phrase Meaning Usage
RP/Roleplay To act and speak as if you are the character you're portraying.
OOC Out Of Character Used for speaking to the person behind the computer.
IC In Character Used for speaking from character to character.
OC Original Character A character you created on your own, not originating from a series.
Metagaming Using OOC information in an IC manner, without your character learning about it naturally. Example: Character's profile says they were violently abused by their older brother as a child, and your character mentions the other OC's abuse during their first meeting.
FauxC Fake OC A character that claims to be canon from a series (such as Karkat from Homestuck), but is really an OC that has no relation to the character they're impersonating.
Fourth wall When a character acknowledges their fictionality, by either indirectly or directly addressing the audience. Responding to an OOC question ICly, or otherwise failing/refusing to use OOC.
AU Alternate Universe Presenting a canon character with minor alterations (such as female Sherlock Holmes, or )

Out of character/OOC remarksEdit

  • This is an RP memo- stay in OOC or use some for of OOC when speaking out of characters

  • Breaking the forth wall or metagaming will result in a warning and a ban.

  • No advertising of other roleplays, chatrooms, or memos. It's considered rude. (You wouldn't go to McDonalds and invite everyone to Burger King)


  • If it is an unreadable quirk- it will be asked to be changed/adjusted

  • No Neon Fonts. Keep it slightly toned

  • No white font. Most people have the default theme.

  • No excessive honking (Once or twice is alright)

  • No emoticons, animated or not. This is an in-person RP, there's no reason to use them.

Sexual content is a NOEdit

  • Take all sexual content and sloppy makeouts to a private chat.

  • Snuggling, casual kissing, and cuddling is fine.

Killing/Character Death/SuicideEdit

  • Killing a character without the consent of another player will result in a ban. If someone disobeys this rule- ignore the action and PM an OP

  • Talk of Self harm/ Suicide in the memo will result in a warning and possibly a ban if actions persist

  • Take large fights into a personal memo.

Power-playing and God-moddingEdit


  • Making an action happen without letting the opposing party react, +EX. Slashing at GK's arm off and watching it hit the floor with a Prompt motion


  • Not letting your character get hurt. They have a weakness- don't over do it. ( GREEN SUN ABILITIES / LORD ENGLISH POWERS ARE NOT ALLOWED)
  • A physical setback MUST be present. Just because your character has a weakness for children, does not mean it's a realistic weakness.


  • Absolutely no destruction of the hive or forest. Cutting down one tree, or breaking a chair is fine. Burning half the forest, or busting a wall is not.

Social StructureEdit

  • Don't OOCly harass someone's OC. Just because you may not like Homestuck, or YuGiOh, that doesn't mean they can't be here.

  • Ignoring others is frowned upon- PLEASE INCLUDE EVERYONE.
  • If your character(s) is(are) not in the same location as others (i.e. upstairs, basement, outside, outside near the lake, etc.) please mention this in OOC to at least let other roleplayers know why you aren't responding to their character. Not all characters have special abilities, keep realistic distances in mind.
  • If someone is kicked, and they return, do not announce "THEY'RE BACK THEY'RE BACK". OPs are trained to watch for people to return, let them do their job without disrupting the roleplay.

  • If you're being a canon character, do your research. Don't just read a paragraph of their story, or a single episode of their show, and call it good. (i.e. Nepeta isn't a innocent lolita, and Sherlock is not a rampaging maniac, Slenderman is not a lovable softy)

  • The timeline control is not a toy.

Fandom-Specific RulesEdit

Harry PotterEdit

  • The killing curse (Avada Kedavra) is not allowed.


  • The Hemospectrum does not apply here. Your character might be confused at first, but do not try to enforce it.
  • Chuckle voodoo are based down to Basic mind control and telepathic abilities. You can not lift shit with your mind. This is Telepathy or basic mind control. You cannot spawn objects with Chuckle Voodoo. Please do not call it Chuckle Voodoo if it is not Chuckle Voodoo.
  • Please do proper research on your god tier, and ADHERE TO THAT INFORMATION. Mages of Space cannot time travel.

Mod-Specific Rules Edit

  • You are not above the law. All the above rules still apply to you.
  • You do not have to be 100% active, but at least pay attention speak up when needed.
  • Make people feel welcome.
  • Be polite and mature. Do not scream "OH GAUD MY EEEYYEESS" when someone has a neon font.
  • Rule breakers get 3 consecutive warnings before they are to be kicked.
  • Mods who break the rules will be suspended from their authority.

Things that will get you instantly banned Edit

  • Rape jokes
  • Pedophilia jokes.
  • Dead baby jokes
  • Outstandingly homophobic or racist remarks. (such as derogatory terms)

==If any of these Rules are Broken and one does not trust an OP to resolve them- contact bloodExchange==