What is RP_Rendezvous?Edit

RP_Rendezvous, or RPR is a chatroom designed for roleplaying on the chat client Pesterchum, designed by ghostDunk, a member of the Homestuck community. Despite the chat client's purpose, our chatroom (or memo) is not just for Homestuck, we're for ALL fandoms!

Please be aware that since we're a new memo, we're still working out kinks. Patience and honesty is key to making this work!

What does "rendezvous" mean? Edit

The word "rendezvous" is a french term meaning "or a place that is used as a popular meeting place". It's pronounced "rahn-day-voo", and is surprisingly common in daily American language.

Who can come in? Edit

Here at RPR, we accept roleplayers of all kinds. We allow Homestuck, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Lord of The Rings, OFF the game, Harry Potter, and anime of many kinds.

Specifically, we allow OCs and canon characters alike. You're even free to be an AU version of a canon character, as long as you tell us you're AU (to avoid confusion).

Who would you rather keep out of the memo? Edit

We're rather open to almost any kind of character, but there are always exceptions to every kindness. We'd prefer not to include the following in our memo:

  • Homestuck tricksters
  • Joke OCs (anything from SolluxUchiha)
  • FauxCs (Don't come in pretending your OC is a canon character when it isn't. If you're canon, be canon. If you're AU, be AU.)

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